Internationals need also motivation to help them keep going in their job search because Denmark is a tougher market. Internationals need someone to relate to, who has gone through the struggle. They need to see an international’s perspective to get some fresh eyes, inspiration and to boost their morale to help them keep going.

I give motivational talks on the following areas:

  • My Story of my Job Search Struggle
  • How to Handle Job Rejections
  • Staying Positive in the Job Search
  • The Danish Job Interview
  • How to Tailor your Resume in a Digitalized World
  • The Danish CV
  • Your Love Letter to a Danish Company: A Cover Letter’s Story
  • LinkedIn the Danish Way
  • Job Searching Hacks
  • Networking in Denmark the Right Way
  • How to Reinvent Yourself as an International
  • How to Get the Hidden Jobs in Denmark
  • Your Topic Here? Contact me for your ideas