Analyzing and Targeting Your Application

I will teach you the analytical approach method to help you gather information, so you can target your CV and Cover Letter. You will make role plays in pairs of two for calling a company to gather more information and make a great 1st impression on the phone. I will also tell my life experiences and stories of the different calls that I made to help me land a job in Denmark.

How to Re-invent Yourself in Denmark

When internationals come to Denmark, they come with their degree thinking that it will still be in demand for the Danish labor market. But maybe, the demand is not there and they need to learn how to rethink the way they contribute to the Danish labor market. I offer to teach courses in how to help them reshape themselves so that they could use their talents in a similar way like I did.

Write the Danish CV the Right Way:

This course will cover not only the Danish format but also give tips from an international’s perspective on how to make the perfect CV the Danish way, including real life examples of successful CV’s from Kate. Afterwards, you pair up two in two and correct each other’s CV with guidance from Kate.

Your Love Letter to a Danish Company

Do you feel clueless on how to create a cover letter? This course will go over specific areas in what to include in your cover letter/motivation letter, including real life examples of Kate’s cover letters. Afterwards, you pair up two in two and correct each other’s Cover Letter with guidance from Kate.

How to Network in Denmark

Did you know that networking is the #2 way of getting a job in Denmark? It is so vital to make your connections and have people around you in Danish culture. This lesson will talk about how to become a professional networker in the Danish culture, the different strategies in how to network and how to create a job for yourself. I will also tell stories from how I landed jobs via networking and give practical advise.

Using LinkedIn in Denmark

Knowing how to make your profile for LinkedIn is so crucial in getting a job in Denmark. It is even the #3 way of landing a job in Denmark. This lesson will provide how to make your profile attractive for recruiters and applying for a job via LinkedIn. I will also tell stories from how I landed jobs via LinkedIn and practical advise. Afterwards, you will pair up to help optimize your support buddies through the guidance of the teacher.

The Danish Job Interview

It can be very nerve-wrecking to go to a job interview in context of Danish culture. This lesson will go over what questions you should prepare for the interview, stories from my job interview experiences and practical advise. It also includes role plays after the discussion/lecture with Kate helping to guide you through.

Danish Working Environment

If you don’t have any experience in knowing what the Danish work culture is like, I will help guide you in giving you a glimpse of it. I will talk about the work cultural differences, what is expected of you and get communication advise on how to work with your new and future colleagues.

Personal Sales Development

If you want to go into the sales industry in Denmark, I have the practical experience of the sales market world in Denmark. I will teach you on how to talk to Danish and international customers, even if your Danish is limited and give best practices in all aspects of sales strategies.

Intercultural Communications

The Danish workplace is hard to navigate around. This course will help internationals and Danes in learning how to better communicate and work with each other for companies to have better retention of their employees.

All courses come with ebooks and materials, created by Kate Dahl