Why me?

Why me?

• Help bridge the cultural communication gap • Relateable because I too am an international • Have practical experience and knowledge of the Danish labor market • Attract quality candidates through my network • Executer and show results


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Does your company also need to focus on international recruiting? Kate Dahl is the one to go to ! 😊👉 At WolterJohanssen, we experience many internationals across industries struggle with landing a job in Denmark. Kate Dahl shares her personal experience to help those in a similar situation, and she possesses a sincere passion for making a difference for other internationals. Thanks to her, we hosted an event for internationals that led to more visibility and activity on our social media sites and we were introduced to a bunch of motivated internationals who shared their stories and gave us insight, we would not have gained otherwise.

Eva Løvschall Haugaard Pedersen

Kate organized and coordinated a workshop with us at KarriereCoach on the topic of making a Danish application. To be in the presence of Kate is to be in the presence of passion, and energy for making a difference for others. As an International herself, she is acutely attuned to the issues and challenges facing international jobseekers here in Denmark. Insightful, and funny is balanced by a serious and professional approach to every candidate. She's is great to collaborator, and will definitely, and powerfully impact any group you put her in front of. Totally and whole-heartedly recommended.

Allan Nielsen

Kate gave a presentation at the International House North Denmark where she shared her experience with finding a job in Denmark as well as advice and tips on how to find a job. We were very impressed with her presentation as it was both entertaining and very useful for the participants. We recommend Kate as a speaker within job search, a-kasse, motivation and inspiration. 

Rikke Skak Harboe

Kate has successfully organized a number of job searching workshops at Danhostel Aarhus City. Kate has managed to setup a highly engaging and interesting workshops for 70+ internationals per event and we have been more than happy to participate as a host, resulting in promotion and new customers. I highly recommend Kate for your business!

Klaus Eriksen

Kate assisted HK by being a recruiter at our stand at one of the career day boothes in Aarhus. She was great at coming up to internationals to give feedback on their CV, how to brand themselves for the Danish labor market and talking to internationals on the importance of being in a union. She was great to work with on the stand and was very interpersonal and approachable. As a result, many internationals signed up to being an HK member.

Knud Lund Petersen

Kate Dahl gave a presentation at Studenterhus Aarhus under the heading 'Get Started on Using LinkedIn.' The presentation was perfectly adapted to the target group: International Students. It was relevant, entertaining, easily understandable and useful. Kate has in the process up to presentation proved competent, careful and cooperative.I also enjoyed attending Kate's CV workshops. She proved that she is knowledgeable and experienced in the subject of "international in jobs," and that she is committed and helpful. I look forward to working with her in the future as I am the International Coordinator at Studenterhuset.

Sigrun Schaumburg- Müller

Kate organized a talk for us at Dansk Magisterforening in Aarhus. It was a talk about telling her story and experiences in how she got different jobs in Denmark. Her story was relateable, interpersonal and was very moving. In addition, she talked about the importance of joining a union in helping to protect international's rights in Denmark. More than 85 + internationals participated, which was very successful and led to many of them signing up for membership. She is a very talented public speaker and I would highly recommend her. 

Ole Grønne

Kate Dahl arranged and hosted an event in Fairbar, where I am the event coordinator. Kate had an idea of making a network event for foreigners looking for jobs in Denmark, since we Danes can be a bit difficult to approach. Kate planned the event extremely well and the bar was completely packed. Kate saw a big potential in this, and did very well to plan this and she was very successful in reaching out for the audience. The event was a great success.

Jesper Bonde Hansen

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